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Queen Rainia’s Gold Shoes: Foreign Aid Not Well Spent

Queen  Rania  of Jordan and First Lady Michele Obama talk fashion.  “Love the gold shoes. I will tell Barack to have taxpayers buy me a pair just like they bought you a pair.” (I made this up, the conversation, not the Gold Shoes or Forgotten Taxpayer’s Foreign Aid to Jordan. and Congressional Research Service)

for the fashion challenged: These   not these

Queen of Jordan’s Taxpayer Funded Gold Shoes.

Hat Tip Debbie Schlussel


Ron Paul has a point about ending foreign aid to Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and Israel.

Rep. Ted Poe makes a similar point about foreign aid to 150 of the 192 countries in the world about zero based budgeting (video 5:47 min). Ted Poe’s proposed legislation

The conventional Washington rationale for foreign aid is discussed in liberal Atlantic Monthly.


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