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Dominc Pileggi Has a Primary Challenger: Rogers Howard

Rogers Howard   INDEPENDENT OF REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP, a Tea Party Republican, will challenge Dominic Pileggi. Rogers Howard is a very smart, very sophisticated and cosmopolitan resident of Unionville with an impressive educated intelligence, a PhD. in Chemistry, of both Mexican ancestry and son of a Daughter of the American Revolution, all American, Constitutional Conservative with the message and a nascent organization. The challenge is $$$.


Rogers Howard v. Dominic Pileggi I met Rogers Howard several weeks ago  for two hours. He may the smartest candidate I have met – so smart that he can admit he doesn’t know something. This is a sign of person who is so confident of his intelligence that he can admit a mistake or that he doesn’t know. and he is a trained scientist (as well as being religious in a most sophisticated way), a PhD in Chemistry, 82d Airborne, graduate of St. Alban’s in DC(Al Gore’s alma mater), who lived above his Dad’s restaurant, a son of a Daughter of the American Revolution and of Mexican ancestry via Texas early 20th ( we will be fielding two outstanding candidates of Hispanic background although Rogers does not speak Spanish).

Dominic Pileggi and Sam Smith  are Centers of Gravity; replace them with competent, committed people who think the purpose of public service is to serve the public and not enrich and empower themselves and we will have a better community.

Senator Dominic Pileggi, a Union Republican,  wants to challenge Sen. Bob Casey 2012 November. Read Tea Party Lisa Esler’s expose of Sen. Pileggi’s less than Tea Party record. I would add that Sen. Pileggi has facilitated everyone of former Gov. Ed Rendell’s ever escalating budget spending and borrowing. Dominic Pileggi is “The Establishment’s Guy.”

February 2, 2011 – Senator Pileggi spoke to members of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council about legislative priorities in the 2011-12 session during a meeting at the Harrisburg Hilton.

A List of Union Republicans 2001 – 2002 AFL-CIO

How does Sen. Pileggi get a 100% rating from NFIB and a 75% rating from AFL-CIO   

Pa. Sen. Dominic Pileggi wants a Marcellus Shale gas extraction tax with funds going to property tax freeze for seniors PennLive June 3, 2011





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