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VOTER ID is Stalled in the Republican Majority Senate!!!!! Dominic Pileggi and Charles McIlhinney

VOTER ID is stalled in the Republican Majority Senate!!!!!

Union Republicans Majority Leader Pileggi  and State Government Chair Charles McIlhinney are refusing to put this to a vote of the Senate and are using procedure manipulations to slow and weaken the Voter ID bill.

Sen. Pileggi is the Majority Leader from ChesCo/DelCo and Sen. McIlhinney is from BucksCo.

Personnel is policy and to change the Senate policy on Voter ID, it is necessary to change the personnel.

Sen. Pileggi must be replaced.

Who will Bell the Cat?   Rogers Howard will Bell the Cat with your support. Meet him on 25 January at Coalition  for Advancing Freedom 25 Jan 7:30 to 9 pm New Bolton Center Cafeteria 382 West Street Road (Rte 926) Kennett Square, PA 19328

Voter ID bill before the Republican Senate  HB 934  and REPUBLICAN members of the State Government Committee.

Note the Vote in the House:  Every Republican (except Liberal elitist intellectual know it all Chris Ross, Harvard Esq of ChesCo Horse country.) voted for this and every Democrat voted against it. There is a reason for this. The Ds need voter fraud to win. One then has to wonder why a Republican Majority in the Senate does not put this to a floor vote and pass it. The Governor has committed to signing it.

The Ds claim Voter ID discriminates against the poor, the weak, the vulnerable  and the stupid; others think it is common practice to present ID for almost anything we do or buy, including applying for welfare and common sense to ask for ID to vote. Voter ID brings confidence to the system. see New Hampshire vulnerability to dead people voting (O’Keefe Video )and if it can happen in New Hampshire, how likely is it that it is happening in every Democratic controlled county or city?

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