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Newt Gingrich: Not Limited Government Supporter so How Is He Anti-Establishment Romney

Many Constitutional Limited Government Conservatives are supporting Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney. The reason is that a) Newt Gingrich was sensitive enough to flip flop which meant, at least, Newt Gingrich is willing to give shallow lip service to Constitutional Limited Government principles; and b) because Mitt Romney is the Establishment’s Candidate, it is thought by many, including me, that defeating Mitt Romney weakens the WashingtonWallStreet Republican Establishment and that is key to check and balance the Central Federal Government.

Adam Bitely of NetRightDaily makes the case, compellingly, that Newt Gingrich is not reliable defender of Limited Government principles.

1) In 1993, Newt Gingrich supported health care mandates, similar to the ones imposed by ObamaCare. He supported such mandates as recently as 2008. Now, as a candidate for office who suddenly saw the light on how damaging such mandates could be, Newt has changed his tune and now opposes them;

2) On climate change, Newt has a similar story. He famously appeared with Nancy Pelosi in a 2008 television ad urging Americans to pressure government to take action on climate change. Now that he is trying to pass himself off as a limited government candidate, he opposes the government taking such action;

3) And on government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we learn that Newt was a proponent of bad housing policy, accepting $1.6 million from Freddie Mac to garner support from Republicans on Capitol Hill in an effort to get favorable policy for the company;
4) Newt Gingrich supports the Ethanol Subsidy and has, actively, advocated for it in Congress
5) Left wing thinkprogress adds some more details on Gingrich’s  “strategic consulting ” ;
6) Center for Health Transportation: Nancy Desmond, now the CEO, said recently the group has grossed $55 million since it was formed in 2003. savannahnow 11 December 2011

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