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GINGRICH & GID: The Lobbyist and the Hack In Pennsylvania

UberLobbyist Newt Gingrich teams up with GID Gerow.

Incompetent Phony – Fake Intellectual Statesman

The clueless,, superficial and shallow, lazy liberal John Micek describes GID Gerow as “top consultant in Pennsylvania “ (Jan 11, 2012). Exactly what evidence is there for that statement? See Liberty Blog’s five part explication of GID Gerow’s failed and phony career for refutation of such a silly, demonstrably untrue bit of liberal puff of fluff. Only Tribune Review’s equally shallow, superficial and clueless voice of the State Republican, Salena Zito,  would think of quoting GID Gerow as a “Republican strategist”(Nov 11, 2011).


Do We Need a Lobbyist As President?


Fake Conservative Washington Lobbyist Hires Fake Conservative Consultant  as Penna. Campaign Chair.

Looking at Charlie Gerow’s proven record of expensive failures, I think we can, safely,  conclude that Newt Gingrich cannot win the Presidency because he cannot win Pennsylvania. Every conservative knows, or will soon know, what a incompetent phony Charlie Gerow is.

Charlie Gerow Incompetent Hack Parts 1 to 5 The Liberty Blog

Only superficial and shallow JournoLists like Salena Zito, voice of the Republican Establishment Hacks of Pennsylvania, and John Micek, voice of Democratic Establishment Hacks, would think that GID Gerow is expert in anything but phony self-promotion.

Gingrich Ventures Grossed $105,000,000 in Ten years 22 November 2011

How Newt Gingrich Rebranded and Turned Into a Millionaire with breakdown of empire Newt Gingrich built  (Business Insider 20 Dec 2011)

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