26 January 2012 0 Comments

Rick Santorum’s Negatives Part 19: Arlen Specter

Politico (15 Jan 2012) has an excellent summary of one of the main reasons that Rick Santorum received 797,000 fewer votes in 2006 than 2000. Rick Santorum cites then Senate Judiciary Chair Arlen Specter’s support for Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.A Senator Pat Toomey would have, also, supported them, though.

The pedal to the metal support that Rick Santorum gave to political opportunist Sen. Specter in 2004 exposed Rick Santorum as a political opportunist who would sell out his own principles for power…and the money that followed.

As Rick Santorum’s Big Government Big Spending policies became better known, it undermined his political support among all those who were not getting rich from government and were, in fact, paying those who were.

Rick Santorum talks the religious talk to distract from his Big Government Statist positions.


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