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Rick Santorum’s Negatives Part 19: Corporate Welfare for Multimillionaire Right Here in Hometown Pittsburgh

Rick Santorum thinks The Forgotten Taxpayer should finances multimillionaires. Somehow, Rick Santorum thinks it makes sense to take money from one group of citizens to give to other citizens who don’t need the money. Taking money from the productive citizen to give to unproductive entertainers stifles growth and lowers the standard of living for all but “bread and circuses” have been a political device for 1000s of years and Rick Santorum is a traditional kind of guy but not my guy.

Rick Santorum backed Pittsburgh stadium tax hike:Then-senator backed ‘97 sales-tax vote, financing after it failed  Washington Times Saturday 8 January 2012

           Heinz Field    

                      PNC Park               


Santorum friends and former Republican associates there say that as a U.S. senator, he astonished them by lobbying for a boost in the sales tax in 11 southwestern Pennsylvania counties to pay for building a new stadium for the Pittsburgh Steelers and another new stadium for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The teams owners were threatening to move their teams elsewhere if the government didn’t give them what they demanded.

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