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Rick Santorum’s Negatives Part 15: Support for SOPA


Rick Santorum supports SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, proposed by Republican Lamar Smith. (RedState 9 January 2012 with video).

If we are willing to primary Marsha Blackburn whom we like, why wouldn’t we oppose the arrogantly obnoxious Rick Santorum?  In my opinion, the Internet has to be an “anything goes” arena. There are ways parents, or you, can block objectionable sites; Liberty has its risks and there are, for sure, those who will abuse it. When using the Internet, CAVEAT EMPTOR; DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE AND DON’T RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT TO DO IT FOR YOU.

Rick Santorum Answers Questions on SOPA: “There Are Limits To Freedom On the Internet’ Video (Mediaite8 January 2012


Erick Erickson explains SOPA:  Stopping SOPA  Erick Erickson (Diary)  Thursday, December 22nd  “There is an alternative called the OPEN Act, which stands for Online Protection & Enforcement of Digital Trade Act.”

Erick Erickson is not alone: Stanley Kirk Burrell — better known as MC Hammer or on Twitter as @MCHammer — recently updated his Twitter profile with a picture of himself and a banner that reads “STOP SOPA (Daily Caller 14 Jan 2012).

Tech at Night: SOPA and Protect IP RedState Neil Stevens (Diary) 14 January 2012




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