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Democrats Split on Israel: Key Democratic Think Tanks Pro Arab Palestinian – The Center for American Progress and Media Matters

Many of us do not see another terrorist state in the Middle East as a solution to terrorism and war.

Another terrorist state in the Middle East will not reduce violence or bring peace.

Weakening Israel, on the front line of war with Islamists,  strengthens the enemy. Israel needs armaments and can be blackmailed by the threat that US or Germany will not sell armaments unless Israel allows itself to be publicly humiliated by US President and many in Europe. In my view, the Democrats are not our friends; many agree with Center for American Progress and Media Matters.

The Center for American Progress, the party’s key hub of ideas and strategy, and Media Matters, a central messaging organization, have emerged as vocal critics of their party’s staunchly pro-Israel congressional leadership and have been at odds, at times, with Barack Obama’s White House, which has acted as a reluctant ally to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government.”  Read more  politico.com December 7, 2011

   source Israel Matsav May 15, 2011

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