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How Many Houses Does Mitt Romney Have?

How Many Mansions Does Mitt  Romney Have?

Team Obama 2012 will, likely, use classic Alinsky tactic of Have Not versus Haves some time called class warfare. Mitt Romney is a perfect target. How many mansions does Mitt Romney have?

Rick Perry is The Guy. impervious to a class warfare strategy. with some very bold initiatives. Rick Perry may well be a lot smarter than he looks or sounds. Read Fed Up. It is well done.

Can Patrician Mitt Romney Win An Election Where He Has to Defend His Wealth? Obama’s Class Warfare Is to Reach to Have Nots and the Tax Takers?

                                                                 Mitt Romney’s Ski Estate on 11 acres in Park, Utah


                                                                                        Mitt Romney’s Wolfeboro, New Hampshire home 



Left Wing Huffington Post reports: Mitt Romney Looks to Expand His $12 Million Dollar La Jolla, CA. Mansion.

Mitt Romney may have more houses that jobs created.

LATimes takes : “A Closer Look at Mitt Romney’s Job Creation Record “ 4 December 2011

“The Republican presidential contender says he learned about expanding employment during his time heading a private equity firm. But under his leadership, Bain Capital often maximized profits in part by firing workers.”

 In fact, his house may be bigger than Michael Moore’s house.


 John D. Rockefeller Richest American of All Time

It does not seem that Mitt Romney is as much a paragon to bourgeois values as John D. Rockefeller nor as considerate of employees. Other than competitors and the Racial Supremacist and bully, TR Roosevelt and his envious, muckraking allies, and his competitors, John D. Rockefeller did not seem to have any enemies.




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