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More Evidence That Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: And Republican Misfeasance

More evidence that Democrats Can’t Be Trusted with Money –

This is a multi-multi million embezzlement and fraud case. Democratic Sheriff John Green had been sheriff of Philadelphia and seems to have been less than obsessive compulsive with his bookkeeping. The headline lets us know that more charges can be expected.

First criminal charges filed in probe of Philly Sheriff’s Office

December 01, 2011|By Bob Warner, Inquirer Staff Writer

Democrat John Green was Sheriff of Philadelphia for 22 years

And there is the matter of Ed Rendell’s law firm BallardSpahr’s legal fees and its relationshop with Delaware River Port Authority and Sharif Street’s legal fees from Philadelphia Housing Authority while his dad, former Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia, was on board which was controlled by Democrats.

With Marge Tartaglione out of the Philadelphia Commissioner’s office and two reformers voted in, we make expect some more revelations of less than pristine record keeping.

And we can review Democratic Representative Dwight Evans involvement with $60 million dollar management contract for Martin Luther King High School

Of course, it is not as if Republicans are above reproach and we could remind ourselves that although the Democrats of the State House owe us about $1.8 million in illegal bonuses, the Republicans owe us $20 MILLION page 1, paragraph 3 between 2000 and 2007


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