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The Coming Oil-Shale Revolution: Middle East Forum

This author of this very exciting article on the Middle East Forum website on a new technique to extract energy from oil shale deposits introduces us to a technical idea I have not seen anywhere else: Propane Gel. There is the realistic potential that this technological development can break the Middle East monopoly on energy.

The Coming Oil-Shale Revolution?

By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
Israel National News  November 25, 2011

Alberta Canada Tar Sands

Pennsylvania’s economic future is being built on extraction of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale deposits  by hydraulic fracturing which has lowered the cost of energy in Pennsylvania and will make Pennsylvania not only energy independent but also an energy exporter (if the Democrats don’t screw it up).

The environmental impact of using millions of tons of water has been a problem technically and politically to extracting natural gas energy from the Marcellus Shale deposits in Pennsylvania. (Note that the author is discussing extraction from oil shale and I have tied it to extraction of natural gas energy because I do not think the Pennsylvania media fully explains the tectonic impact of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas exploration. I do not know if this technique of Propane Gel can be applied to Marcellus Shale but I wanted to bring your attention to the importance of energy exploration to our standard of living.)

The Keystone XL pipeline is an opportunity to import Canadian (not a hostile state) tar sands oil. The Democrats and the Obama Administration have delayed implementation of the construction in the US until 2013, if then, and it appears China will be the beneficiary of this shortsighted, politicized economic decision.

Innovation is what America does best. That innovation is financed by much maligned American Capitalists risking money to reify ideas for the economic benefit of us all.

Let us see if we have not gone too far toward becoming the sclerotic and bankrupt Brussels Run Administrative European Welfare State whining about our “entitlements” and that the world is unfair. Are we going to develop our energy potential with the energy and imagination of the Free Market to raise our standard of living and that of the whole world as America has historically done?

Middle East Quarterly and Middle East Forum are a goldmine  of insight and ideas that we don’t find elsewhere as it advances its goal of informing American national policy in the Middle East.

Bob Guzzardi, Ardmore Penna.



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