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The Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money: An Explanation – Lower Merion a Special Case of Stupidity

The salient issue in comparing Lower Merion and Narberth is the increase in spending over time  and we don’t have that data. A no tax increase budget in an election year is very, very thin evidence of fiscal common sense.Has there been an increase in borrowing, which kicks the tax can down the road, but eliminates the need for tax increase this year?

However, let us stipulate that Narberth is fiscally responsible and does not spend in excess of its income. This does not change my point that Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money. The Democratic party relentlessly advocates for the expansion of government regardless of ability to pay or the impact of higher taxes, and, in the case of the Federal Reserve, a devaluation, or, to be more precise, a debasement, of the currency.

The Unions, in particular, the Public Sector Unions are drivers are higher and higher costs of government and both Liberals and Unions argue for more and more government services. The Democratic Party is Statist and Collectivist and the Obama Democratic Administration, in particular, is moving toward a European Welfare State.

This is not to say that the Republican Party does not have its Statists. The “Compassionate Conservatism” of GW Bush and the Bush Liberal Big Government Republicans in Congress, like Rick Santorum, are responsible for huge expansion of government which is why Republican lost in 2006.

Democrats, and Liberal Democrats, Progressives, advocate for Collectivist, Central Planning, and Intervention and, even, Government Control of the Economy through bailouts and policy oriented subsidies. The Democratic Party appeals to and has at its base the Tax Takers. This, I think, cannot be contested.

The Tea Party advocates for limiting the growth and cost of government despite the Democrats uncivil, vicious slanders that we are racist, homophobic, stupid bigots. The underlying concept is that it is individual initiative, innovation, inventiveness, imagination that produces goods and services we want and need and that raise our standard of living. The view is that Constitutional Limited government focuses on the individual and an individual’s economic freedom. Many think there is a Hayekian Ignorance, an academic way of saying that we cannot tell the future and economic collectivist and central planning CANNOT work, for the reason that there is invincible ignorance.

The Tea Party represents the Tax Makers, those who work, save and invest in productive businesses that create jobs. The Democrats represent the Tax Takers, from billionaire corporations and unions to urban Blacks on welfare, who get money, not because they are productive, but because of political power.

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‘The New Tammany Hall':An interview with Fred Siegel, the historian of the American city on what Wall Street and the ‘Occupy’ movement have in common, and how government unions came to dominate state and local politics. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203716204577016092542307600.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop Lower Merion Democrats have these characteristics.

However, in Lower Merion, there is some additional factors that are particularly infuriating. The arrogance of the pseudo-intellectual know it all Majority coupled with, what else can I say, stupidity. A Gateway Fountain that is not bubbling, EXPANDING Ludington which will have more square footage and fewer books even as reading goes digital, $900k to straighten a road while failing to correct potholes and storm water management, the Solyndra-like Ardmore Transit project, the poorly thought out mega rezoning on behalf of undisclosed interests and it goes on. Lower Merion may represent a special case of the Liberal and Union Big Government philosophy coupled with incompetence and stupidity.

The Leviathan Government, a military model, is not the American Constitutional Limited Government model.

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