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USPS: Communication Connects A Nation – Recipient Pays – Old School May Be the Future – First US Postage Stamps

“Who Pays?”  is an eternal question.  As the USPS heads toward bankruptcy ( another word for Taxpayer Bailout), it might be time to consider “back to the future” and have recipients pay. For example, you could elect to pay only for personal letters. Is there any reason that postal service has to be subsidized? The USPS is an amazing organization and, even if financially inefficient, it is amazing what it does do. Universal service, communication is connection and communication connects a community, a nation.

“The requirement to prepay the postage was not part of this new law, and many letters were sent as they always had been, without stamps. It was expected that the person who received the letter would pay the fee. Drop letters would of course fall in this category, since there was no provision for a two-cent stamp.

See the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society for more on the subject of stampless letters.”

The First Regularly Issued Postage Stamps of the United States
article by Bob Allen

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