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Brilliant, Bad Boy Intellectual David Berlinski: Science Cannot Disprove God – Science v. Religion

David Berlinski Segment Scientific Pretensions: the Devil Delusions Scientific Propaganda – Video in Five Segments – David Berlinski interviewed by Peter Robinson Hoover Institution

Science Cannot Disprove God – Darwin – The Big Bang- Hebrew Scriptures



1)    Uncommon Knowledge Interview with David Berlinski (Part One) 09/13/2011

“A great many men and women have a dull, hurt, angry sense of being oppressed by the sciences. They are frustrated by endless scientific boasting. They suspect that the scientific community holds them in contempt. They are right to feel this way.”

2) Uncommon Knowledge Interview with David Berlinski (Part Two) 09/13/2011

Darwin   “The Theory Makes Little Sense and is supported by so little evidence.”

“It is simply an exercise in conditional plausibility…. No one on my side of the table is saying that it’s impossible that it happened that way. What we are saying is the evidence is remarkably, remarkably constrained, meager, insufficient, inadequate, and the like, in all forms of analytical sufficiency.”

3) Uncommon Knowledge Interview with David Berlinski (Part Three) (09/14/11)

In the beginning… David Berlinski on the Big Bang and the need for humility in the sciences.

“We cannot close the day by saying one side is definitively in possession of a argument so fine, so effective, and so powerful that it ends all discussion. But a little bit of balance would be welcome.”

4) Uncommon Knowledge Interview with David Berlinski (Part Four) (09/15/11)

The evil that men do.

“If you take the period from 1939 to 1945, look at 1945. The Jewish people yet lived, Hitler’s target. The Third Reich that was smashed to smithereens…. That doesn’t strike me as a whole lot less than a biblical adjudication of those war years, not pleasant, but no one reading the Old Testament comes away convinced that the God of Wrath is essentially a Rotarian.”

5) Uncommon Knowledge Interview with David Berlinski (Part Five) (09/16/11)

Read the Bible – Old Testament – Hebrew Scriptures

“The Old Testament​ is the greatest repository of human knowledge and wisdom in the history of civilization, any time, any place…. [E]very attitude current today in the discussion from Richard Dawkins to me to Christopher Hitchins, the lonely pastors in the Bible Belt on Sunday morning ranting from a particular text, is discussed in the Bible. There is a character in the Bible who expresses that point of view and there is sympathy expressed for that point of view and there are reservations expressed for that sympathy. It is enormously complex, rich, and dramatic piece of work.”


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