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8 November: A Clear Choice Ward 3 A Respectful Ray Fulbright v The Uncivil Paul McElhaney

Shocking Video It is difficult to think that Lower Merion Democrats and Independents will tolerate Democratic Commissioner Paul McElhaney’s expletive (not deleted) taped reaction to a Commissioner Rosenzweig  questioning yet another Lower Merion tax increase in this shocking video.

Democratic Commissioners Rogan-Bernheim-McGuire-Manos-McElhaney have not apologized for this unwarranted outburst and seemingly tolerate the taxpayer abuse. In fact, some Despicable Democrats, with a double standard, like ShapiroRichards, have responded by smearing Jenny Brown and the Tea Party.

–More Spending; More Borrowing and More Taxes, and in a clear conflict of interest, a vote for more money to the Lower Merion Union run by his brother. http://www.saveardmorecoalition.org/node/5931/majority-commissioner-paul-mcelhaney-vote-workers-association-contract-negotiated-its-pres

Infuriatingly, the Rogan-Bernheim-Manos-McGuire Democrats have not objected to disgraceful treatment of resident-taxpayer nor to the conflict of interest; they will do what they want because they have the power.One would think that rank and file Democratic Lower Merion Voters, and Fiscal Common Sense Voters of all parties would be embarrassed by Paul McElhaney’s aggressive attack of a Taxpayer and Rogan-Bernheim-Manos-McGuire silence.

Fiscal Common Sense (and respectful) Ray Fulbright is not a politician. With military and business experience who fiscal common sense approach to finances, Ray Fulbright protects The Forgotten Taxpayer while maintaining services. Video from Citizens for Lower Merion

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