4 November 2011 0 Comments

8 November: County Tax Increase – MatthewsHoeffel $42 Million Dollar Deficit – Dems Disingenuous

Commissioner Matthews: ‘There Has to be a Tax Increase…’ A question about plans for a possible tax hike prompted Montco Commissioner James Matthews to express his opinion that an increase is needed or county services will suffer.

Bob comments: And has Commissioner Matthews no responsibility for this “shambles” caused by mismanagement and secrecy?

More spending and more borrowing are characteristic of fiscally reckless Joe Hoeffel who Comm. Matthews allied himself, opportunistically, to advance himself to become Chair of the Board of Commissioners which has now gotten us into this fiscal mess. ShapiroRichards’ policies do not differ from Commissioner Hoeffel’s and they will borrow rather than tax to continue the unaffordably reckless spending.

For four years, Commissioner Bruce Castor has attempted to slow the slide of fiscally reckless policies of Hoeffel-Matthews. ShapiroRichards More of the Same Hoeffel-Matthews failures.

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