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8 November ShapiroRichards: The Record – They Can’t Be Trusted With Money – Part 2

Fiscal common sense Democrats Awake!!!

Facts Matter; the Public Record Matters; the Voting Record Matters

ShapiroRichards Rhetoric is not the ShapiroRichards Reality.

Many fiscal common sense Democrats are, slowly, coming to realize that they have common ground with Tea Party and Republicans on these issues. Bankruptcy is not good for Democrats, Republicans or Tea Party.

ShapiroRichards cannot be trusted with money.

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you ShapiroRichards will Spend Borrow Tax and Unionize.

1)    The House Record: Josh Shapiro was elected to House in November 2004 and was sworn in Jan. 2, 2005 and voted for every one of Ed Rendell’s budget, each of which increased spending from the year before. These votes are found in Appropriations Acts on General Assembly’s website and here, at The Liberty Index:  Democrat Josh Shapiro’s Voting Record Penna. State House- note Appropriations Votes ; see also General Acts 46, 47, 48 and 82 which increased capital spending and DEBT.

Free Money –Vote for Me  paid for by  The Forgotten Taxpayer  


2)    Quicksilver  What would ShapiroRichards cut given $24.4 million budget1 shortfall and ‘no new taxes’ pledge? (unless ShapiroRichards intends to borrow like Rendell Administration).  Video and news article  http://www.saveardmorecoalition.org/node/6032/obama-rendell-democrats-shapirorichards-cannot-be-trusted-money-video;

3)    Josh Shapiro’s vote against Referendum on School Taxes  http://www.saveardmorecoalition.org/node/6050/obama-rendell-union-democrats-shapirorichards-campaign-rhetoric-mimics-brown-castor-fiscal;


4)    Debt under RendellShapiro: Josh Shapiro voted for every borrowing bill from Rendell Administration and every increase in spending from Rendell Administration:  The Pot of Debt at the End of Rendell’s Rainbow (Dec. 10, 2010 Commonwealth Foundation)

State general obligation debt rose by almost $2 billion, or 28 percent, under Gov. Rendell.  Payments on the debt tripled under Gov. Rendell, from $350 million to $975 million in the current budget.  And that is but the tip of the iceberg, as Gov. Rendell increased debt held by state agencies like the Turnpike Commission and the Commonwealth Financing Authority by a whopping $16 billion, or 93 percent.

As of 2009, Pennsylvania taxpayers owed $3,313 per person in state debt alone.  Add in local governments, and every resident of the state owes more than $9,600 in state and local debt.  And these totals don’t even include the $3 billion deficit in unemployment compensation or the billions in unfunded pension obligations for public employees.”

5)    Democrat Josh Shapiro’s comments on Gov. Corbett’s Fiscal Common Sense Budget — not enough spending;

6)    Montgomery County Democrats Bash Republican Budget – not enough spending

7)    8 November Shapiro/Richards Can’t Be Trusted With Money Part 1 – like Hoeffel/Matthews, Can’t Be Trusted with Money

8)    Leslie Richards and Responsible Bidding… Responsible Bidding One Easy Ordinance and Unions and Union Contractors Win and Taxpayer pays more.

See Whitemarsh Board Minutes July 23d, 2009 Motion #4 Responsible Bidding
Richards Favors Union backed Ordinance.


1 Josh Shapiro, like Hoeffel/Matthews Can’t Be Trusted with Money.

On August 16, Hoeffel/Matthews said County finances are in great shape.

A week later, budget shortfall of $24.4 million dollars appears –ooops.  Note Commissioner Hoeffel’s blasé dismissal of the County’s historically high debt. I think that tells us what is on his mind. More debt as Rendell/Shapiro kicked the tax can down the road. Debt is deferred taxation.

Note, too, please, the common sense and irrefutable observation by Bruce Castor:  “The bottom line, according to Castor, is “when you pay out more than you take in and you cannot make up the difference with money from your ‘savings account,’ then you are broke.” Democrats Hoeffel/Matthews (and Josh Shapiro) don’t seem to grasp this principle. Democrats cannot be trusted with money. See contract screw up. And as to patronage, I think Hoeffel’s Temple appointment tells us something: coincidences happen.

You don’t need a crystal ball, Josh Shapiro’s Public Record s, like the Hoeffel/Matthews record, shows a scary future that, despite his very slick rhetoric to the contrary that, Josh Shapiro he Spends, Borrows, Taxes and Unionizes. Josh Shapiro cannot be trusted with money. Jenny Brown’s fiscal record is the mirror reverse.


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