2 November 2011 0 Comments

Rick Perry: Immigration – Answers the Questions

RightWing News (October 6, 2011) Rick Perry answers all the questions about Immigration, Border Security, the Texas Dream Act, Bi-National Insurance, Strategic Fencing and the role of the federal government for border enforcement.

Immigrants – they wanted something better and were willing to work for it; America gave them the opportunity.

WSJ makes salient and supportive points about Rick Perry’s immigration record and positions ; pragmatic, effective

“The Supreme Court has ruled that these children are entitled to a K-12 education. Lawmakers in Texas, which is home to the nation’s second-largest illegal population after California, determined that tuition breaks for these residents made economic sense. So did the state’s business community, which lobbied for the measure on the grounds that a better educated population would translate into stronger economic growth.”

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