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8 November: City Ave Mega Rezoning – Richard Kaufman, Lou Barson, AJ Kait Beth Ladenheim

Lower Merion = Philadelphia Artist rendering.. Amazing Comms. Manos and McGuire are for the common good unless there is money to be made. Not bad in comparison to Dranoff deal which is financial loser for Township. This rezoning won’t cost the township taxpayers any money. In fact, it might actually increase taxes so there is more to spend on their visionary projects.

For more see Save Ardmore CoalitionĀ  Mega Rezoning Blog

Somehow, though, it seems a bit more expansive than it has to be and there is a moving dynamic that leads to unintended consequences.

The case that mega rezoning is a ‘money winner’ for Lower Merion has not been made. As bc59, correctly, point out: all the costs associated with the mega zoning need to be reconsidered and they have not been. The cost of a study for this mega rezoning would far on the Township’s Forgotten Taxpayer even those adversely affected.

Hugh Gordon asserts that the City Ave property owners are lobbying for the mega rezoning. It’s either that or Comm. Manos and McGuire and the Lower Merion Visionary Venture Capitalists who are the Majority of the Lower MerionĀ  came up with this idea on their own.

If the property owners want to expand, the normal course is to submit a specific plan and rezone, if appropriate, for the project. The property owners who will profit (and I hope they will) can decide to spend their own money to make the case that this is a mutually beneficial idea as they would in any contractual negotiation.

This was done with Bryn Mawr Hospital mega expansion and seems to be working. Using a specific plan focuses costs versus benefits, concretely, rather than speculatively as the mega rezoning proponents are doing now.

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