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8 November: Name One Cut – Josh Shapiro Slickly Slides Away from Specifics

Like most informed people, I find political ads shallow. In this case, the press release is on target and succinctly points out that ShapiroRichards Rhetoric lacks substance. I would add that the Rhetoric is not supported by the reality of their record of Big Government spending, borrowing, taxing and unionizing.

From BrownCastor Campaign:

“On Thursday, September 15th Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards strolled into the Montgomery County Court House press room and announced they would close the county’s $42 million dollar budget deficit with a slogan, “zero based budgeting”.

When the press started asking for just one example, a single example, no matter how small of a cut that Shapiro/Richards would make to the county’s runaway spending under the present majority, Shapiro couldn’t name one and Leslie Richards said nothing at all.

Shapiro and Richards couldn’t stand the heat, so they haven’t been back to the press room since. Our latest television ad highlights how the Shapiro/Richards campaign is all style and no substance.”

Here is the video of Shapiro ( with Leslie Richards standing by like a potted plant) failing to explain even one specific¬† cut. great close by Peg Gibbons, frustrated at Shapiro’s evasiveness “You’ve been in the State House too long.”

ShapiroRichards rhetoric without substance and their record tells you what they will do.

slippery, sliding Mr. Slick Shapiro… slick without substance

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