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Bonusgate – Part 8: CasablancPa (and I) Count $20 Million Misappropriated (Stolen) by Team Perzel and House Republicans

CasablancaPa points out that the conventional main stream public media ( facetiously called “Capitol Hill Stenographers”) , repeatedly, reports John Perzel stole $10,000,000. I read the Attorney General’s Indictment the same way as CasablancaPa: the House Republicans misused $20,000,000 of government/taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes.

The media reports John Perzel was indicted for $10 Million. I don’t think so. CasablancaPa presents the weak ratonale for this journalistic malfeasance :  “UPDATE: One member of the Capitol Stenographers Corps tells CasablancaPA that the Office of Attorney General claims although the House Republican Caucus spent in excess of $20 million, Perzel himself was responsible for only $10 million of that. Which of course begs the question – unasked by the Stenographers, naturally – why no one was charged in connection with the other $10 million. Eh, it’s probably not important …. right?”

CasablancaPa: “It’s right there on the first page: “This presentment will disclose that a vast array of public expenditures, exceeding twenty million dollars, were spent between 2000 and 2008 by the House Republican Caucus …”

Let’s add it all up:

$9.3 million to GRC & Associates
$1 million in “labor and benefits” from the House Republican Information Technology Department
$6.2 million to Aristotle International, Inc.
$3.8 million to Constituents Direct LLC
$400,000 to Weiss Marketing Group
$100,000 in politically-motivated “junkets”

That’s $20.8 million right there, without including the unspecified costs of “miscellaneous uses of public resources for campaign work” and the salaries and benefits of the Office of District Operations – “a taxpayer-funded, wholly owned campaign subsidiary of the House Republican Campaign Committee.”

More on Office of District Operations from CasablancaPa




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