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Bonusgate Part 7: Computergate – Speaker Sam Smith, Clueless or Criminally Complicit?

Bonusgate and Computergate involve the theft of millions of dollars by our elected Harrisburg Representatives. When will they pay us back?

“Bonusgate” is the name given to Democratic use of government/taxpayer money for bonuses to campaign workers. There is an argument that this was “business as usual” and everyone did it, like a funeral procession going through red lights and blocking traffic, illegal but conventional. See CasablancaPA for more “Equal Justice for All“,  The total misused; $1.8 Million

“Computergate” is the name given to John Perzel’s theft of government taxpayer money; John Perzel did not act alone and, all totaled, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania indicted Republicans for theft of $20 MILLION DOLLARS, There was no precedent for John Perzel’s action, definitely an innovation in thievery.

Republican Speaker of the House Sam Smith was a very close ally of John Perzel’s and yet he claims he knew nothing of John Perzel’s theft. In fact, Speaker Smith signed the very computer contracts for which John Perzel and others were indicted. “I was misled.” he says. $10,000,000 stolen from the government/taxpayer under his nose and he did not know?

Sam Smith Clueless or Complicit – Neither are qualifications for leadership. As long as the Republicans are led by those tied to Computergate, their sworn duty to represent those who elected them is compromised.

“What? Me Worry?” 


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