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Bonusgate Part 5 -Brian Preski Pleads Guilty: The Mighty Have Fallen

Brian Preski was one of John Perzel’s closest and most trusted colleagues.

Ex-Perzel aide enters surprise guilty plea October 5, 2011
PETER JACKSON, Associated Press

“Preski, 46, a Philadelphia lawyer, made no statement to the court and declined to speak with reporters as he and his lawyer left the courthouse. His pleas carry no sentencing recommendation from prosecutors and no requirement that he testify.”

Brad Bumsted reports:

Profiting from power, Brian Preski was one of best paid Harrisburg operatives/staffers:

“Preski was paid $160,000 a year as Perzel’s chief of staff. He received a $56,000 salary to manage Perzel’s campaign in 2005. That alone should signal the extent of commingling of legislative and campaign political activities, though Preski and Perzel denied it at the time. In 2004 and 2005, the campaign reimbursed Preski for $264,000 in expenses, from bottled water to Super Bowl trips, takeout for Preski’s kids and baby sitters when he attended campaign events, the Trib reported in 2006.”


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