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Bonusgate Part 4: Innocent Shannon Royer and House Republican District Operations

CasablancaPa is a reliable source of information about Bonusgate and related corruption. In this post, the authors point out that the House Republican District Operations were thinly disguised taxpayer financed private, partisan political work done for Republicans and John Perzel.

Not charged or implicated in any wrong doing, Shannon Royer is now an employed by Pennsylvania Department of State¬† Deputy Secretary For External Affairs and Elections. I see this as ‘business as usual” and an indication that the Republicans have not learned the lessons of Bonusgate.

“Shannon Royer: Why Is This Man Filing Shannon Royer has never been implicated in any criminal activity but he associates with those who have pled guilty.¬† He is only guilty by association; that is not legal guilt. Then, again, the House Republicans owe The Forgotten Taxpayer $20,000,000. (Grand Jury Part 1, page 1, paragraph 3).

As the Feese/Preski/Seaman trial fast approaches, we here at CasablancaPA are reviewing the grand jury presentment from 2009. A few names are popping up that have us scratching our heads.

One in particular is Shannon Royer, the Deputy Secretary for External Affairs and Elections in the Department of State. For those not familiar with the DOS, he’s the guy who oversees all the elections in Pennsylvania.

A too-often overlooked, yet substantial aspect of the charges against Feese/Preski/Seaman revolves around the rampant abuse of taxpayer resources through the House Republican Office of District Operations. This is how Corbett’s grand jury described it:

“[District Operations] for at least the period from 2001-2006, and to a lesser extent after 2006, was virtually a wholly owned campaign subsidiary of the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC). This arrangement, which included the use of taxpayer money for campaign work performed by [District Operations] staffers, was organized, coordinated, and approved at the highest levels of the House Republican Caucus…” (Page 157, Grand Jury presentment 11/09) “

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