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8 November: Despicable Desperate Democrat David Sonenshein Demoniszes Fiscal Common Sense Candidates

Despite an attempted smear in a letter sent by Despicable Democrat David Sonenshein, former president of Majority of Lower Merion Board of Commissioners and liberal Temple University law professor, the fiscal common sense candidates listed below will prevail if fiscally common sense voters vote on 8 November.  Please tell your friends and neighbors to VOTE 8 NOVEMBER.

I am, particularly, incensed by Despicable Democrat David Sonenshein’s attack on Richard Kaufman M.D., a pulmonary and critical care physician, whom I know, a 28 resident of Lower Merion with his family, a very smart man  and a gentle man. And Hymie’s Lou Barson, also, well known in the community and a job creator who has to meet payroll of 120.

The Despicable Democrat David Sonenshein has to resort to demonization because it is policies of spend, borrow and tax which have gotten Lower Merion to the fiscal situation we find ourselves in. The Democratic Majority incumbents have spent record amounts of money, taxed at record levels, borrowed at record levels and is our standard of living in Lower Merion any better?

One would hope the Democratic Committee of Lower Merion Narberth would be embarrassed and disavow this unwarranted attack which they know is unfair. We shall see. Note not one Democrat has disavowed the statement on the Save Ardmore Coalition board. You would think, at least, one Lower Merion Narberth Democrat would disavow David Sonenshein’s letter. The Democrats are desperate to have to resort to personal attacks because they are well aware of their obvious, policy failures, particularly, George Manos (Ward 9) and Brian Maguire (Ward 13) and Richard Kaufman’s analysis here and here.

8 November

2011 Candidates  Lower Merion Township Commissioner candidates

A.J. Kait (Ward 1) A.J. Kait is a 22-year resident of Lower Merion, where he and his wife are raising their two young daughters. He is a businessman and former U.S. Army officer who understands public service and chose to run for Commissioner out of concern with the level of spending and dramatic tax increases in Lower Merion. Drawing on his experience as a management consultant, strategy executive, entrepreneur, and non-profit board leader, A.J. will bring a much-needed dose of creative problem solving, transparency, responsiveness, and clear prioritization to the board. website link

Ray Fullbright (Ward 3) Ray’s reliability and steady temperament ideally suit him to effectively represent Ward 3 on Lower Merion’s Board of Commissioners. Ray is not a politician. He is a man with military and business experience who will stand up for our interests. By focusing on Ward 3 residents and using old-fashioned common sense, Ray will make local government work more effectively for us.

Beth Ladenheim (Ward 7) Beth is not a political insider. She is a fifteen-year resident of Lower Merion, a mother of three and an active volunteer in the Wynnewood community. She is a former faculty member of Hahnemann University and currently a dance fitness instructor. Beth chose to run for Commissioner out of a strong concern with the level of spending and dramatic annual property tax increases in Lower Merion. Beth will work with both political parties to provide a much needed common-sense voice on the Board and to ensure that our community remains a vibrant place for families to live and businesses to thrive.

Richard Kaufman (Ward 9) Richard is a pulmonary and critical-care physician and a 28-year resident of Bala Cynwyd, where he and his wife Stacey have raised two wonderful children, Sarra and Daniel. He coached travel teams in the Lower Merion Soccer Club for many years, including two league champions. He is a member of the Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd. Richard’s college years were spent as a proud Penn State Nittany Lion, and he is a graduate of the Temple University School of Medicine. Richard is a successful small-business owner concerned with the direction our township is headed. Website KaufmanforCommissioner

Lewis F. Gould, Jr. (Ward 11)

Lou Barson (Ward 13) Lou is a businessman, not a career politician. He attended Penn Valley, Welsh Valley, Harriton and Temple University. As owner and operator of Hymie’s Merion Deli as well as 13 other food outlets, where he has created and managed over 120 local jobs, Lou knows how to roll up his sleeves and solve problems. website link

But wait, Professor Sonenshein sees a car with two drivers?


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