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Sarah Palin Shapes the Debate: Crony Capitalism Gardasil

Sarah Palin Shapes the Debate

What is that Sarah Palin says in these two statements that you disagree with?  ( I know, I know, like every conservative, she’s an idiot magical thinker  but what is it that you disagree with in her statements?)

Sarah Palin talks about Gardasil, HPV inoculations, as Crony Capitalism (Greta Van Susteren Video at 6:35

Sarah Palin made telling criticism of Gov. Rick Perry and his $200 million  Texas Emerging Technology Fund to fund 133 companies.

Note Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska accepted federal funds to allow access (not mandate) to Gardasil for teenage girls.

Rick Perry received about $355,000 in campaign contributions from Merck.

More on Gardasil

Jonah Goldberg limns the arguments on Gardasil

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Tim Carney of Washington Times explains further. Note the comment by Enviromental Leftist journalist Dave Roberts. GOP Takes Aim at Crony Capitalism ….Finally   September 15, 2011 http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.com/article/gop-field-takes-aim-crony-capitalism-finally

Tim Carney references Newt Gingrich’s opportunism and Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty less than pure records and the anemic, if not complicit, response of Republican Establishment and Leadership.

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