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Sarah Palin Main Street v. Wall Street/Washington Insiders: “Before they care what you know…”

Sarah Palin makes points about “Corporate Cronyism” interfering with Free Markets and that Washington/Wall Street have ignored  Main Street’s productive worker/taxpayer.

“Tea Party of America Rally” – Sarah Palin September 3, 2011 Video

Full Text Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Indianola, September 3, 2011

Sarah Palin points out that Main Street taxpayers was forced by Washington to bail out Wall Street billionaire financial institutions who had enriched themselves with the very problem that required a Main Street taxpayer bailout. With stunning arrogance, Wall Street/Washington further enriched themselves at the expense of The Forgotten Taxpayer because of the Washington political Establishment forced the ordinary taxpayer to pay these “financial wizards” for their own mistakes.

Wall Street multi millionaire failures prosper with government taxpayer money; Main Street America loses their jobs.

Look at the crowd to see to whom Sarah Palin is speaking – Main Stream/Main Street America who are hurting and who have been screwed over by their own government. Sarah Palin feels them and knows them. See “Reckless Endangerment” by NYTimes authors Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner which reminds us of Democrats manipulation of Fannie Mae and then the ‘bipartisan’ bailout engineered by Goldman Sachs Republican Henry Paulson as set out in more detail by Michael Lewis in “The Big Short” (although Michael Lewis does not speak, at all, of government complicity in the debacle as do both Morgenson/Rosner and Sarah Palin.)

“Before they care what you know, they have to know you care.” Sarah Palin cares. Barack Obama would rather hobnob with multi multi billionaires like Brian and Aileen Roberts on Martha’s Vineyard.

Barack Obama Martha’s Vineyard

Sarah Palin Indianola Sept 2011



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