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8 November ShapiroRichards The Record-They Can’t Be Trusted With Money – Part 1 – like Hoeffel/Matthews, Can’t Be Trusted with Money

Josh Shapiro, like Hoeffel/Matthews Can’t Be Trusted with Money.

On August 16, Hoeffel/Matthews said County finances are in great shape.

A week later, budget shortfall of $24.4 million dollars appears –ooops.  Note Commissioner Hoeffel’s blasé dismissal of the County’s historically high debt. I think that tells us what is on his mind. More debt as Rendell/Shapiro kicked the tax can down the road. Debt is deferred taxation.

Note, too, please, the common sense and irrefutable observation by Bruce Castor:  “The bottom line, according to Castor, is “when you pay out more than you take in and you cannot make up the difference with money from your ‘savings account,’ then you are broke.” Democrats Hoeffel/Matthews (and Josh Shapiro) don’t seem to grasp this principle. Democrats cannot be trusted with money. See contract screw up. And as to patronage, I think Hoeffel’s Temple appointment tells us something: coincidences happen.

You don’t need a crystal ball, Josh Shapiro’s Public Record s, like the Hoeffel/Matthews record, shows a scary future that, despite his very slick rhetoric to the contrary that, Josh Shapiro he Spends, Borrows, Taxes and Unionizes. Josh Shapiro cannot be trusted with money. Jenny Brown’s fiscal record is the mirror reverse.



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