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8 November Diane Morgan Part 2: Montgomery County Controller, Cannot Be Trusted to Control Montgomery County Taxpayer Money

Montgomery County Controller Diane Morgan has had THREE (3) years to scan Montgomery County Contracts and post them online. How hard can this be? Democrat Morgan is either stunningly incompetent or deliberately obfuscating.

The Forgotten Taxpayer would like to see the County Contracts Online and whom he and she is paying, how much and for what. The Big Government Big Spending Democrats know we, the voters, can’t hold them accountable if we don’t know what they are doing.

Diane Morgan MontCo’s Controller –   Reading her bio, it seems her major accomplishment is that she is female. Nevertheless, she presents well. If she can fool enough of the voters, she can win in November and The Forgotten Taxpayer will not do well.

Elections are in November 2011

If the contracts are available on county computers to Commissioners, why can’t the Forgotten Taxpayer who funds these contracts and these computers  see them. What is Controller Morgan hiding?

And while we are, at it, put the Check Register Online with searchable database so Taxpayers can see who they are paying. Every bank as electronic check register and it costs next to nothing to post these disbursements. It is well known that political parties fund themselves from those who want to do business with the County, sometimes, crudely called “Pay to Play” by political outsiders. Controller Morgan has been in office since January 2008. How hard is this? Does it take three years to scan documents?  Scanning documents with high speed scanners takes little time. If the County doesn’t have one, FedEx. The ineptitude is appalling. ( note Bruce Castor’s insults are not illuminating. Proposing positive policies and recommending specific actions would be of use to The Forgotten Taxpayer and the voters.)

The Times Herald’s highly competent Keith Phucas has been following this important story. It is a story about Sunshine and Democrats.

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