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8 November ShapiroRichards Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Shapiro Slippery Slick as Quicksilver

Unionized Obama Rendell Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money.

Like trying to nail down mercury, Josh Shapiro slips and slides away from Margaret Gibbons’ questions. “How can you pledge not to raise taxes when you have no clue what the county’s financial shape is?

slick as quicksilver

This video may not become a classic; I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an ad.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsE-DW_jt5o&feature=youtu.be

Margaret Gibbons is “old school” journalist; she asks questions to get answers OR to expose the superficial vacuity of the candidate. Leslie Richards is less animated than a potted plant in this video and Josh Shapiro…Journalist Gibbons failed to get a straight answer to a simple question. This is a good demonstration of how slick, smooth and self-possessed Josh Shapiro

“Waste, Fraud and Abuse” – but not one single example. Odd that Josh Shapiro’s mentor, Joe Hoeffel, did not give him an insight.

Josh Shapiro exposes himself as a superficial manager and fiscal lightweight. Flummoxed by a simple question. Josh Shapiro has never had a private sector job. His only paycheck has been from the government, the taxpayers.

What would Jon Stewart say? 

Note that he did not promise “no new borrowing” Creating Debt is what Ed Rendell and Josh Shapiro did best in Harrisburg.

Shapiro/Richards did not identify one specific thing…is there one program that you would eliminate.  They claimed they identified a new way of budgeting — zero based budgeting —which is not new. It is evident that neither of the candidates is familiar with actual operation of the County or its budget dynamic. It is evident that these two candidates will be learning on the job.

Jenny Brown has had five years studying  and questioning Lower Merion budget. Her record for fiscal common sense and defender of The Forgotten Taxpayer are well documented in MainLineMedia News.

Bruce Castor brings four years of experience with the County budget itself and eight years in meeting the District Attorney’s budget. If experience is a factor in your voting decision, then Bruce Castor’s experience is a factor.

Unionized Obama Rendell Democrats Shapiro/Richards cannot be trusted with money.


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