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Lower Merion: Majority Commissioner Paul McElhaney to Vote on Workers Association Contract Negotiated by its President George McElhaney | The Save Ardmore Coalition

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Main Line Times’ Cheryl Allison reports: “From a different quarter, there were allusions to McElhaney’s relationship to board Vice President Paul McElhaney, his brother. (At the start of the meeting, Paul McElhaney had again disclosed the connection, but said that he had purposefully “stayed out of” contract negotiations, to the extent that he had asked staff not to send him updates, and would not recuse himself.) ”

Infuriatingly, the Arrogant Majority chooses to permit a blatant, obvious, conflict of interest. They should be ashamed of themselves but they will do what they want because they can force us to live with it.


Lower Merion Majority Commissioners to Citizens and Taxpayers


Save Ardmore Coalition Site August 5th 2011

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