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Lower Merion: Can Majority Commissioners Be Trusted With Money?

The Lower Merion Majority Does It Again. Commissioners Rogan, McGuire, Bernheim, Gordon, Lindner, Churchill, Manos, Dellheim, McElhaney, can they be trusted with money?  LM union ratifies new labor contract Friday, July 29, 2011

The Majority’s Money Policy


$700,000 over four years! Yikes. How many nongovernment workers got this kind of increase? $1300 lump sum this year, alone.

And the Majority refused to even get data on what private sector was being paid. Hint – unemployment and underemployment are running about 16% and there are many, many small business that are seeing revenues eroded, flat at best.

So, naturally, the Majority, blithely, spends tax payer money. And, there’s not much we can do about it, is there? In most municipalities, it is government unions driving up costs of government for the taxpayer. In Lower Merion, the dominant factor is … what would be polite way of describing an arrogant, self-regarding, near delusional over-estimation of their own intelligence and competence? Their sense that they know, to a reasonable certainty, what is the “common good”, or, as they, likely, sees it from Olympian commanding heights of their refined, educated and expert expertise, “what is good for commoners”, sometimes called taxpayer.

Forcing members to pay for luxuries is not building a cohesive community. The tyranny of the majority is on full display for us to see right here in Lower Merion.

For example, the Township spent $900,000 on some kind of next to useless road work at Lancaster Ave. including $135,000 on a totally unnecessary bubbling fountain for Bryn Mawr Trust.

And need we be reminded of $9,000,000 to expand Ludington Library – a bigger building with fewer books and no data on number of real world users, a paper book bricks and mortar building in time when publications are going digital – this library is a luxury for a very few insiders. The interest on $9,000,000 would pay for workers’ increases. Does this make any sense? Do the Majority have any sense of priority or propriety?

Honestly can this financial profligacy be defended? Can Commissioners Rogan, McGuire, Bernheim, Gordon, Lindner, Churchill, Manos, Dellheim, McElhaney be trusted with money?

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