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Government Welfare, Great Society; Equalizing Wealth; Debt: Gap Widens; Debt, Deficit and Dependency

This Investors Business Daily ends with observation that: “ The road to hell, it’s said, is paved with good intentions. But sometimes it’s paved with taxpayers’ money.” It is clear that Welfare, which was intended to help those who could not help themselves, has evolved into a massive, taxpayer subsidized program that encourages many to live in  a corrosive, soul destroying dependency, depending on the taxpayer’s money to be redistributed as “free money” without working.

“Poverty: The gap in wealth between white Americans and minorities is the widest it’s ever been, a new report says. Could it be that the government, while intending to help those in need, in fact ends up hurting them? If nothing else, these data point out the failure of federal welfare and anti-poverty policies to do what they intended: eradicate wealth differences in our country.”  Investors Business Daily  26 July 2011

Starting in 1964, when President Johnson launched the War on Poverty, a well-intentioned crusade to end poverty, the U.S. has spent an estimated $16 trillion trying to help the less well-off.

Lyndon Johnson signing the Medicare bill in 1965, a policy set in motion…  Note Harry and Bess Truman in attendance

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