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Big Business Is Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Part 8: Turbines Financed by the Government

As Timothy Carney points out in another in his series on the alliance of GE and Government and the inevitable  misallocation of scarce resources and human capital Pro-Business is not Pro-Free Market and not Pro-Individual Freedom. Washington Post frames Jeffrey Immelt’s appointment as centrist when in fact, as Timothy Carney pointed out in July 2009  the alliance advances the Leftist Statist agenda of combining control of business production and government power and Timothy Carney points out that media does not distinguish between Big Business and Free Market Business:  “For much of the media, the nuances will be lost: You’re either pro-business or anti-business. But the distinction is crucial between making a profit through subsidy, regulation, and bailouts on one hand, and competition and innovation on the other hand. The latter creates wealth. The former consumes it.”

Government’s CEO Barack Obama partners with Big Business CEO Jeffrey Immelt

WaPo reports and frames the issue: “By naming General Electric chief executive Jeffrey Immelt to lead a new White House panel, Obama sent another signal that he wants to work more closely with big business, in part to reduce the high unemployment rate by increasing U.S. exports. He made the announcement while visiting a GE plant planning to build turbines for India in the company’s birth city of Schenectady, N.Y.”

Fox News misses the point as well. Obama Teams Up with GE.

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