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Why The Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Daylin Leach – Voucher Hypocrite

uberLiberal Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach opposes School Choice Vouchers to give poorest kids in failed schools an opportunity but promotes, at taxpayer expense, vouchers for Farmers Markets.  FYI Daylin Leach’s solution to failed schools is to fix the schools the kids are trapped in. This is a “solution” that has not worked in 3o years.

See Liberty Blog for the parable of Ice Cream for Everyone!!!! Free Money – How Democrats Win Elections While Productive and Prudent Taxpayers Pay.

There are those who might even consider this campaigning at taxpayer expense. What burning legislative issue is advanced by giving away another citizen’s  money to use at a Farmers Market or giving free advertising to a specific business? There is not constitutional mandate to give seniors free farmer’s market food. There is a Penna. Constitutional to provide a thorough and efficient system of public (not government monopoly bureaucracy) system of education.

Senator Daylin Leach paid for by The Forgotten Taxpayer

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