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8 November Why Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Lower Merion Josh Shapio’s Record

Citizen Journalist Carla Zambelli has posted Jeff Salvino’s one minute Daily Daily Salvo — Red White Blue and Brown

Please consider disseminating Jenny Brown’s clear, confident and consistent record of fiscal common sense and sunshine. Carla, Jeff and I cannot do this by ourselves. The consequences of a Democratic takeover of the County are catastrophic fiscally.

Democrat Josh Shapiro will Lower Merionize Montgomery County Democrats cannot be trusted with money.

Josh Shapiro’s record of spending and borrowing (essentially, deferred taxation) is public and he proudly defends it. In fact, Josh Shapiro and all Montgomery County Democrats criticized Gov. Corbett’s budget because it did not spend enough and did not tax enough, particularly, Marcellus Shale exploration which creates jobs and lowers energy costs.

If elected, there is no doubt that Josh Shapiro’s Democratic Majority will do to the County what Democratic Majority has done to Lower Merion since 2003 when Rs lost control of the Board. More spending, more borrowing and more taxes.

If Democrats take the majority, it is also likely that Montgomery County will become more unionized which means more spending, borrowing and taxes for the benefit a few Unions. Unionization, Prevailing Wage and Project Labor Agreements drive up cost of government and have to be financed by the productive, prudent Forgotten Taxpayer.

There is a Clear Choice 8 November 2011 for Montgomery County

Free money means dependency. Free Money is a Trap

Red White Blue and Brown  One Minute Daily Salvo

Democrat Josh Shapiro’s Voting Record Penna. State House

6 March 2011

Democrat Josh Shapiro’s comments on Gov. Corbett’s Fiscal Common Sense Budget — not enough spending

(May 20. 2011)

Montgomery County Democrats Bash Republican Budget – not enough spending


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