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Why The Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Money: Philadelphia Model -Brett Mandel

What happens in Philadelphia directly impacts Lower Merion and Montgomery County.

What happened in Philadelphia is Happening in Lower Merion.

What happened and is happening in Philadelphia can happen in Montgomery County

Righteous Democrat Brett Mandel describes how Philadelphia’s bankruptcy is masked by accounting assumptions. Brett Mandel is one of the most knowledgeable analysts of Philadelphia government’s finances and, certainly, the most honest and reliable. He writes critically and with sympathy with the goal of making Philadelphia a better place to live.

In my view, the continuing decline of Democratic Philadelphia is the reason so many Democrats are moving to Lower Merion bringing with them the same ideas that bankrupted Philadelphia.

Democratic Lower Merion Township Debt and Democratic Lower Merion School District Debt are at historic highs. Lower Merion Township Taxes and Lower Merion School District Taxes are at historic highs.

Democratic Lower Merion Township Spending and Democratic Lower Merion School District Spending are at historic highs.

Democrats Joe Hoeffel and Joe Hoeffel Ally Jim Matthews increased Montgomery County Debt to a historic high while violating the Sunshine Law.

After 8 years of Democratic Governor Pennsylvania Commonwealth Debt is at a historic high. Governor Corbett’s budget is the first time in forty years that there has been a year to year reduction in spending. Every Democratic legislator objects to Governor Corbett’s budget because it did not spend enough and did not tax enough.

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