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WHYY’s NewsWorks: Tax Exempt Multi Million Dollar Liberal Lightweight

Tax Exempt WHYY’s NewsWorks presents very little hard news and, for the most part, promotes predictable, unoriginal Liberal Democratic and anti-Republican viewpoint and smart alecky opinion and talking points. NewsWorks is the rapidly more vapid Inquirer without the news.

WHYY is a tax exempt private multi-million dollar corporation whose president Bill Marrazzo  paid $448, 161 with bonus payout of $290,814 for total 2010 compensation of $738, 975.

Additionally, WHYY has received substantial financing from State Government. Read here and F$ 4 million in capital funding from Liberal Republican Governor Ridge in 1998 and 2000. WHYY has never done a negative story about former Governor Ridge.

Charity Navigator shows tax exempt private corporation WHYY revenues for Fiscal Year Ending June 2009 to be $25, 722,248 .

Friday 22 July NewsWorks’ leading story:  More Heat More Bugs

Chris Satullo and Dick Polman formerly of Inquirer and Dave Davies formerly of Daily News are regulars at NewsWorks.

The Notebook, however, is focused on Philadelphia’s violent and educationally dysfunctional schools and presents hard news.



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