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Why Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Foreign Policy – Kucinich Specter al-Assad

Why your vote matters: The Democrats cannot be trusted with foreign policy.

Democratic Rep. Kucinich claims he was misquoted in saying that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was “highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians.” Rep. Kucinich nowhere criticizes the al-Assad regime for the brutal repression and killing of 1400 Syrian protestors.   Rep. Kucinich’s Syria visit raises eyebrows and Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich Blames Protesters for Violence

Left Wing Salon.com reports here

Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich met with Iranian financed proxy,  serial, mass murderer Bashar al-Assad this week for three hours and had visited in 2007 for two hours, both times at the invitation of the Syrian Government.

Former US Senator Democrat ‘moderate ‘Arlen Specter met with Bashar al-Assad almost annually 19 times and accomplished nothing except to blur the threat that Iranian proxy Syria represents to the US and Israel. Neither Sen. Specter nor Rep. Kucinich comment on the fact that Iran-Syria are killing US military as well as torturing and killing their own people.

FYI Sen. Pat Toomey, who replaced Sen. Specter,  will not be invited to Syria.


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