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Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications Part 4: Clueless Columnist John Micek

The clueless columnist, John Micek of Lehigh Valley Morning Call, quotes Charlie Gerow, as a Republican and, therefore,  conservative, expert, political consultant thereby  giving Charlie Gerow unwarranted credibility1 as well as free advertising for his political consulting services.

Clueless Columnist Liberal John Micek creates the perception that Charlie Gerow is a Republican and conservative expert on Harrisburg politics. People who mistake perception for reality think the earth is flat and Elvis lives.

This media cover and credibility allows Charlie Gerow to ensnare the neophyte candidate like Sam Deitrick, Fred Keller and Steve Johnson. And now shallow and clueless PoliticsPa.

John Micek Democrat/Republican Political Consultant for Hire Charles Gerow with his client, Democrat Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson 2009, which he fails to include in his short list of political campaign successes on his web page.  100% Success ???  see below for other material omissions on his website.

Omitting material facts is as fraudulent as making a false representation and both Charlie Gerow and John Micek have omitted material facts that, had the reader known them, would likely have led the reader to a different conclusion  than one proposed by Gerow or Micek. Simple due diligence, which, I think, a columnist owes his readers, would have discovered what I discovered. All of what I present below  is open source. At one time, I thought that the liberal John Micek was “righteous”. I am beginning to question this.

John Micek, a columnist for the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, a mainstream newspaper, quotes Charlie Gerow with approval as a reliable “political insider” a knowledgeable competent “conservative” and “Republican” consultant which leads me to an inference that John Micek’s supercilious, smart alecky, snarky world weary, cynical style is his inept effort to appear the sophisticated, cosmopolitan, “above it all” expert with special superior insider insights hidden from ordinary citizen.

John Micek can be considered the reliable and shallow voice of Harrisburg left of center conventional wisdom, of the Democratic Establishment and the Democratic message.

It does not appear that John Micek is venal, devious, disingenuous or violated journalistic standards in the least. John Micek is what he is. John Micek has an affinity for the Liberal and Democratic viewpoint that is dominant in media. Like faux conservative Salena Zito who last quoted Charlie Gerow in 2008 “Don’t Count Clinton Out.

And that may be why John Micek fails to note that Charles Gerow misleads by omissions on his web site. Omissions that can be discovered by Googling and should be known by a competent political journalist or columnist which evidences presented here suggests he might not be.

For example. Charles Gerow boasts “100 % Success ” and that is true statement if one omits his failures, including his own numerous losses for office going back to 1991.  Sam Deitrick and Steve Johnson were not successful campaigns. And Charles omits his consulting for winning Harrisburg Democratic  Mayoral Candidate Linda Thompson 2009.

” In the 2010 General Election Quantum had a 100% success rate for our political candidate clients.” says his website.

It seems that Charlie Gerow was, actually, a paid consultant to only one candidate, neophyte and self-funder Republican State House candidate, Fred Keller. Oddly, expenditure search of state campaign finance records shows payments not only by Fred Keller but also 2010 Republican State House Candidate Sam Dietrick $25,254.94 which Charlie Gerow does not mention on his web site.

Pennsylvania Election records show that Charlie Gerow’s candidate, Sam Deitrick, was smoked in the Republican Primary receiving 10.5% of the vote in a three way primary.

Sam Deitrick Campaign Finance Report  30 day Post Primary

Sam Deitrick Campaign Finance Report 2d Friday Pre-Primary

Oddly, no record of any payments by or in kind contributions to the campaign of now disgraced Sen. Jane Clare Orie for whom Charlie Gerow claims to have aided, substantially, he implies, despite the anchor of an indictment for misusing government funds for private, partisan, political campaign of her sister’s Supreme Court campaign.

As far as can be determined, no state wide candidate or campaign used the services of Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communication.

Quantum was also involved in more than a dozen independent expenditure campaigns during the 2010 General Election.

We organized strategies and carried out independent campaign plans across the Commonwealth.  As a result, Quantum is proud to have helped elect five new Republican Pennsylvania Congressmen.

Quantum congratulates all our 2010 political clients.”

In 201, Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications did not consult with any Democratic campaigns as he did in 2009.

His 2009 victory, Republican county judicial campaign Judge Jones.

State Legislature  House:

” Successful candidates include Republican State Representative-elect Fred Keller (85th).  Representative-elect Keller won a three-way Primary as an unendorsed candidate garnering nearly 45% of the vote (15% more than the next closest candidate).

For Republican Representative Keller, Quantum served as general campaign consultant as well as mail and media consultant.  With Quantum’s support, Representative-elect Keller received nearly 65% of the vote. ”

Senate: :

Quantum served as media consultant for now disgraced State Senator Jane Orie – then the Republican Majority Whip.

Despite a challenging environment, Senator Jane Orie received 58% of the vote.

Quantum does not appear on Jane Orie’s campaign reports. Did she receive consultant services she didn’t report?


2 Expenditures to Quantum Communications 2010 Fred Keller and Sam Deitrick

Sam Deitrick Campaign Finance Report  30 day Post Primary

Sam Deitrick Campaign Finance Report 2d Friday Pre-Primary

Fred Keller Campaign Finance Report 30 Day Post Primary

Fred Keller Campaign Finance Report 2d Friday Pre-Primary.

1 As a liberal and Democratic leaning journalist, John Micek is out of the loop on the dynamics of Republican partisan political dynamics and relies on ‘experts’ like Charlie Gerow although John Micek presents himself as all knowing about everything Harrisburg.

Charles Gerow, a GOP consultant from Harrisburg, predicted that the party’s conservative wing will ”sway” election results this year — particularly in congressional races. ”It will be huge,” Gerow said of conservatives’ impact at the polls this spring and fall.

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