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Liberal Leviathan – Government/Taxpayer TempleU — Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

Liberal Leviathan Government/Taxpayer Subsidized TempleU Raises Tuition 10%(1 July 2011)  — Because It Could and It Wasn’t Necessary.


Ann Weaver Hart, TempleU’s President

Government Subsidies permit Subsidized (and, in this case, Tax Exempt) corporate billionaires to Misallocate Resources.

Pennsylvania’s Republican General Assembly passed, and the Republican Governor, passed a bill transferring $146,823,000 to TempleU , forcibly, from The Forgotten Taxpayer.

Charles Mitchell of the Commonwealth Foundation informs us: “Those students who are fortunate enough to graduate from Temple do so with a boulder of debt chained to their ankles—$29,886 on average.”

Government/Taxpayer subsidized UPITT and PENN STATE raised tuitions, also

Another solution to rising costs to lower tuitions: Cut College Tuition in Half by Increasing Faculty Teaching Loads

UPENN: Total charges — the sum of tuition, fees, room and board — will likely increase from $49,986 to $51,944. (1 of 58 in the United States)

Some feel both The Forgotten Taxpayer and the students are screwed… again.

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