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8 November Bruce Castor/Jenny Brown Oppose Ill: Conceived Willow Grove Air Force Base Developmentld Development

Bruce Castor, at his best, represents the community against what appears to be an ill-conceived development of the 892 Acres formerly the US Air Force’s Willow Grove Air Station.

One needs to note this is not a opportunistic populist appeal. I am sure that if Bruce Castor thought this was a good idea and beneficial to the community he would support it. Bruce Castor is a lawyer; he is trained to look at the evidence. The evidence seems to support the residents’ objections. At the least, this very expensive and highly disruptive expansion will have huge impact on already stressed infrastructure, not to mention the additional burden on community’s fisc.

Josh Shapiro has not commented on Willow Grove Air Station  Development. What happens at Willow Grove Air Station impacts us all.

John Donne Devotions “…no man is an island.”

And I think the comment “It’s nice to know someone is listening.”  Bruce Castor seems to be channeling the business mantra: “Before they care what you know, they have to know you care.” This is Bruce Castor at his best. Listening to the evidence; listening to the voters.

Bruce Castor points out that he is outnumbered by votes of UltraLiberal Big Government and Visionary Planner Joe Hoeffel and Faux Republican and Opportunistic Turncoat Jim Matthews. We can fix that on 8 November with the Brown Castor for MontCo Commissioners.

Vote for Proven Public Record of Fiscal Common Sense  8 November 2011


Therese Katalinas of ABINGTON PATCH REPORTS: (in my opinion, The Patch in Ardmore (where I live) -Merion-Wynnewood and Abington Patch exemplify “old school journalism” report the salient facts accurately and completely. Tell the truth, the whole truth…the facts are the facts no matter what your ideology.)

Castor Backs Residents’ Anti-Airport Stance:County Commissioner Bruce Castor: ‘If the community doesn’t want it, then I’m not for it.’By Theresa Katalinas June 28, 2011 Abington Patch


On June 29th, Shapiro/Richards state their opposition as well

Statement on Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove

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