30 June 2011 0 Comments

Pat Toomey: Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling

The strategy that Republican Senator Pat Toomey, Republican US Representatives Mike Fitzpatrick, Jim Gerlach, Pat Meehan and many conservatives like Jeb Hensarling and Tom Price, M.D., (interestingly Democratic US Rep. Allyson Schwartz also voted for this CR) and Republican leadership is using can be, I call “Selective, Sequential Shutdown”, that is, rather than across the board shutdown, various programs are analyzed for effectiveness and the cost-benefit.

It seems reasonable strategy to me and, certainly, is no betrayal of any campaign promise. I do think the Liberal Democrats will provoke a shutdown and it will be because they refuse to reduce spending as the voters, clearly, communicated last November.

The Morning Call Pennsylvania Avenue reports “Sen. Pat Toomey, after joining a majority of his colleagues to keep the government funded for three more weeks, said his support for the stopgap measure did not come easily. The bill passed 87-13.”



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