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Public Frauds and Private Frauds: Coercion v Choice

Don Boudreaux of Café Hayek – where orders emerge1provides an insight about late night infomercials and public fraud versus private fraud.

I only disagree that politics is a joke. The damage done by Statist and Collectivist ideas is no joke. Individual initiative and the freedom to risk your time and energies to follow your dreams is sucked away by All Knowing Socialist Intellectuals Elite Central Planners  who act, they tell us,  only “for the general welfare”,  “for the common good”, “for the greater good”, “in the public interest” substituting their will for ours.

The Sophisticated, Cosmopolitan Educated Expert Intellectual Academic and Political Elite Central Planners act only selflessly, they tell us, and not like the greedy, selfish, narrow minded, stupid right wing bigots, religious fanatics and extremists that oppose their scientifically designed command and control, central plans. The difference between Public Fraud and Private Fraud is that the innocent and diligent don’t have to be punished and pay for the mistaken choices of our fellow citizens. Individual Liberty is the core value of Free People and Free Markets.

Café Hayek where orders emerge2 

1 The concept of spontaneous order versus constructed, or centrally planned, order is a key and very complex core idea in Freidrich Hayek’s Free Market economic philosophy.

2 Nobel Laureate Economist Friedrich Hayek “…warned that state control of the economy was incompatible with personal and political freedom and that statism set in motion a process whereby “the worst get on top.” But not only did Hayek show that socialism is incompatible with liberty, he showed that it is incompatible with rationality, with prosperity, with civilization itself.”

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