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The Magic Washing Machine Part 1: Under Government Attack – Consumer Reports Downgrades or Not?


The Attack on the Washing Machine Government Regulations Lower Our Standard of Living

Mark Thornton is a senior resident fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, AlabamaYou can chart the course of human progress in terms of how clean our clothing is. Demographic researcher Hans Rosling has called the washing machine the greatest invention in the history of the Industrial Revolution. It liberated homemakers from boiling water and washing clothes. For women around the world, it makes the difference between poverty and prosperity.

“But government is working on systematically reversing these advances — attacking the washing machine’s workings at the most fundamental level. “ See Mark Thornton’s comparison of Consumer Reports on Washing Machines to Consumer Reports 2007.

And Consumer Reports ( a subscription service ) 2011 seemingly to the contrary.

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